Halo Cannon Does What? A gripe about xeno weaponry

Last week my son and I got our first taste of Warmachine.  Some guys at the local store were doing demo games and we decided to give it a try.  I’m a big fan of steampunk styling, so I gave Cygnar a spin.  My opponent had Khador.  Sharkbait had Cryx and was playing against Khador, but his teacher eventually had him playing both sides to get a better feel for the rules and different factions.  Each player used the starter set for that particular faction, and we played the Mangled Metal scenario.

Brainstorming 40k #6: Chaos Lost and Damned

I loved the Lost and the Damned as portrayed in Codex: Eye of Terror.  Maybe it wasn't the most effective list, but I thought it really captured the essence of Chaos.  Some rumors point to the next Chaos Space Marine codex going in that direction, but (1) it's just a rumor, and (2) who knows when it would actually be released.  So how can we do Lost and the Damned right now?

Axis & Allies? Maybe not yet

For game night, we broke out an old favorite of mine: Axis & Allies (classic version).  So how did the evening go?  Overall, we had some fun, but we didn't spend a lot of time actually playing the game.

Cowboy Grots... er... Cowgrots? Whatever. Its a Work In Progress Update.

Time to put my money where my mouth is on this Brainstorming Ideas for 40k thing.  Here's a couple of grots for a potential Toomstone Ork army.